Sunday, October 14, 2007


Look at that road
Under the trees
Look on back
The way it used to be
From the soul of the heartland
To Yasgur’s farm
Walking on the roadsides
We came for open arms

The time I loved her
Was long ago
But I came back
For the things I had to know about her
But she lost what she had for me
And most of her charm
Never saw me coming
But I came for open arms

Don’t want money
Don’t want cars
And I just look up
When I want to see the stars
But if I fall over
Don’t want to fall far
I need you to catch me
When I fall for open arms

Not many stories
Turn out straight
Not many hours
Before the hour is late
And the liberty statue
She never meant harm
But who can I turn to
When I reach for open arms.

Chris LeRoy
© June 13, 1983
New West Crash Music

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