Saturday, December 15, 2007


I guess this is how my life will go now
I talk to machines that won’t answer somehow
The wonders and worries that come to me now
Guess I just had a close call

No use in me rising I’m left out for dead
The funniest shadows afloat in my head
I rest here a moment or head off to bed
Guess I just had a close call

So goodnight my old friends and lovers
I’ll see you in dreams after all
Kinda hung around
Almost touched ground
I guess you could say a close call

I rung up my friend cause I finished a song
It’s better than most songs and not half as long
I said come on over but don’t take too long
Guess I just had a close call

I pulled down the drapes cause I’m tired of the light
I think the sun’s setting I welcome the night
A star doesn’t know when its dropped from the sky
Thinks it just had a close call


The cell phone will never stop ringing away
The sound just gets farther and farther away
A knock at my door but my door fades away
I guess I just had a close call

I wonder who writes all the messages down
For all the lost calls that wind their way round
Like veins through the thin air, like wires to the ground
Will somebody take a close call?


© Chris LeRoy
August 26, 2005 Published:NEW WEST CRASH MUSIC /ASCAP

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