Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Man

Used to be a citadel
But now I'm just rolling down the river
Seven sons and daughters
Rocking on their daddy's knee
But the devil and the angel by the jukebox
Laid a wager
I was a happy man
Then they made a mess of me
Used to have my hedges
& my union workers in the fields
Up here came a banker
& he crushed me with a broke back loan
Said the devil to the smiling angel
Get your big spiked heels
Let's take a happy man
Run him out of house and home
Water turns the corner
& the clouds say were in for bad weather
I see rabbits running
As the water laps along the shore
Said the devil to the blue light angel
Don't get any better
Take a happy man
Float him off to Baltimore
Used to have an upright life
But now I'm rushing down the river
Been thinking 'bout my family
& the money & eternity
The devil and the jukebox angel
Heard they moved in together
I am a happy man
Happy as a man can be
There goes a happy man
Rolling out to open sea
© Chris LeRoy 2011 Published by New West Crash Music/ASCAP

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