Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurts Me So

Another rise and fall
Another midnight call
Turn on your radio
We got a ways to go, now
You know you made me real
You think it's no big deal
Turn on your radio
I got to let you know
It hurts me so
It hurts me so
It tears my mind
It spills my soul
You want to leave
I can't let go
It hurts my pride
It hurts me so
Every time...
You meant a lot to me
But there's no guarantee
When you're torn inside
You got no place to hide
I'm trying to make you see
You are the heart of me, now
Turn up your radio
We got a ways to go
Don't want to bring you down
If I can't bring you round
Can't face another day
My heart is miles away
If you could see me through
See there's a part of you
Music sad and slow
Turn up your radio
Turn up your radio

© Chris LeRoy 2011 Published by New West Crash Music/ASCAP

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