Saturday, November 16, 2013


I watched A Night To Remember
Sank like the Titanic in a sofa sea
Anything to leave you behind
Anything to ease my mind

Sometimes our lives have been scripted
Shipped out by committee with no heart for the scene
Anything to move it along
Anything but not too strong

Everybody Everybody in this time

Setting free can't be easy
Casting out a rope into eternity
Anything to pull you near
Anywhere is better than here

Everybody Everybody in this time

Holding hands at the bracing
Will you hit the water with your eyes on me?
Anything beyond the pale
Water coming over the rail

There went a night to remember
Reached to turn the light back on reality
You don't have a place for me
I shouldn't watch so much TV

Everybody Everybody in this time

© 2013 Chris LeRoy 
Published by New West Crash Music ASCAP 

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