Saturday, November 16, 2013


The size of the sun
The time we've been given
A handful of sand 
When our lives touched the shore
Gone were the bells 
Only smoke from the mission
Off in the distance 
The lamb and the lion 
The soft birds are crying
We're only an island of souls, lost souls 

Clearing the vines
The low lying branches
Into the heart and can't be consoled
Gone was the feeling
That went with the flowers
Off in the distance
The calls and the pleading
The broken and bleeding
Deep in an island of souls, lost souls 

Why would we come here
Sure as the morning
Turning our hearts from what we've been told
Gone were the senses
Despite all the warnings
Down in the distance 
The sound of our laughter
In love ever after 
Deep in our island of souls, lost souls

© 2013 Chris LeRoy 
Published by New West Crash Music/ ASCAP

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